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Hello, I'm Paula Branton

Thank you for taking your valuable time to visit our website! I appreciate the opportunity to introduce myself and share my credentials, skills, experiences, and services to support your Stress Management, Whole Body Wellness, and Energy Evolution! I am the founder of Bear Mountain Qigong Farmacy LLC and the Golden Elixir Mysteries School. As a Branell/Asher Business College Graduate, Medical Qigong Practitioner, Circle of Life Holistic Health & Wellness Coach, plus Medical Office Manager for 20+ years, supports my skills to guide you. Even though I have studied and cultivated Energy skills through thousands of hours the past 19 years, I am still a Life Learner. I know that working with your Energy continues to Evolve daily and is Essential to living a long, Energized Life you Love and Enjoy. Therefore, I became an Energy Evolution Life Specialist of my Life who supports women to Evolve as Energy Specialist of their lives. Energy Evolution is a personal, self-discovery journey, no matter your belief. Science says we are all made of Energy. Personal Energy Evolution involves Managing Stress, Emotions, and Available Energy Levels, Whole Body Nourishment, How your energy functions, and the Importance of Eating and Living with the Cycles and Seasons of Nature. Click Credentials below to view a complete list.

My Energy Evolution Life Journey

My proudest life accomplishments are being a Mom of two sons, Matthew and Daniel, surviving my emotional traumas, and becoming an Energy Evolution Life Specialist. My sons taught me never to give up, make life an adventure, and that being outside in Nature is the Best place to be. I have always felt like something was watching over me and that challenges in life would work out; however, in 2003, my entire life changed. My heart shattered, I felt emotionally dead; I was stressed, tired, and lost my identity; the feeling that everything would work out changed drastically! Here is where I began my experience through the dark night of the soul. I have written a short E-book about this time in my life called 'Energetic Life after Emotional Death'. I want to mention that Emotional Death is a strong term that some may not have heard but can be understood by those whose heart shattered from the loss of a child.

I wrote my E-book to share how I resurrected my heart and put my life back together to Inspire women that there is Hope for a Brighter Future! There are ways to Manage Stress and Emotional Storms to Live a Less Stressed Life with More Energy that they Love! I hope it Empowers Women to understand their Whole Body Energy and how to Manage it, Discover their Own Energy Healing Possibilities, and how Powerful their Mind and Body Are. And most importantly, I have Real Solutions and Resources that helped me Manage my Stress and Emotions, plus Doubled my Energy! These tools bring me to a Calm state of being, Happiness, and Peace every day! They worked for me, so I know they can work for you too! To receive my E-book click the button below to Subscribe.

Many women live in chaotic, stressed environments. They are tired and feel like they're running on empty and don't know what to do to feel better? I'm a passionate practitioner; I believe my life purpose is to guide you to:

  • Understand the concept that you are energy.
  • Experience and Increase your energy.
  • Energetically move through emotional experiences.
  • Manage your stress to boost your immune system.

You learn through Breathing techniques, Qigong and Tai Chi Easy movements, Education, Traditional Chinese Medicine perspectives, and wisdom gained from surviving my life challenges and emotional traumas. My journey to an 'Energetic Life after Emotional Death' is what lights my fire to help you discover the healing power you hold within!

The energy tools I've learned and cultivated within myself saved my life! These tools bring me to a Calm state of being, Happiness, and Peace every day through simple daily practices. I believe that managing your energy is life insurance for living well. 

I'm on a Mission to guide those willing and ready to have more energy to feel and function better! You, too, can Evolve as an Energy Specialist of your Life, so if you relate to any of this, NOW is the time; Start your Energy Evolution today!

There is always light, even during the dark night of the soul experiences!

My passion is to support you to see your light, feel the warmth of it, and turn it up to shine as Bright and Brilliant as you are!

My Mission

Guide, Empower & Support

To Guide you to discover your own energy healing possibilities, to understand how powerful your mind and body really are.

To Empower you to understand your whole body energy to manage your stress levels to feel better, energized, and living in present moment awareness.

To Support your Energy Evolution by releasing all that no longer nourishes your well-being.

Abundant Love and Peaceful Qi,
​Paula Branton, MQP, CLC, INHC, TCEPL, HWPL
Medical Qigong Circle of Life Holistic Health & Wellness Coach
Energy Evolution Life Specialist

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