Branell / Asher Business College Graduate
Medical Qigong Practitioner (Rising Lotus Qigong, Christina Barea)
Certified Holistic Life Coach (Circle of Life Institute, Roger Jahnke OMD, Rebecca McLean)
Certified Health Coach (Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Joshua Rosenthal)
Tai Chi Easy Practice Leader (Healer With-in Foundation, Roger Jahnke OMD)
Healer With-in Medical Qigong Practice Leader (Roger Jahnke OMD)
Certified Level 1, 2, and 3 (Wuji) Qigong Practitioner (Supreme Science Qigong, Jeff Primack)
Certified Level 1 Qigong Practitioner (Rising Lotus Qigong, Christina Barea)
Certified Level 2 Advanced Food Healing Facilitator (Supreme Science Qigong, Jeff Primack)
Breathe Empowerment Facilitator (Supreme Science Qigong, Jeff Primack)
Priestess Facilitator (Wise Transformations LLC, Bonnie Salamon, Judy Keating)
Reiki Master (Healing Today, Richard Fiallo)
Success Strategist (Natural Rhythms, Lisa Michaels)
The Sedona Method Releasing (Hale Dwoskin)
Shamanic Practitioner (Sandra Engleman)
Sassy Sexy Wise Woman Dance Facilitator (Natural Rhythms, Lisa Michaels)
Golden Elixir Medicine Woman High Priestess (Health Consultant, Susan Kersey) 
Golden Elixir Priestess (Natural Rhythms, Lisa Michaels, lineage of Nicole Christine Magdalene Mysteries)

Manager of Bear Mountain Qigong Farmacy, LLC
Founder of Golden Elixir Mysteries School Priestess Process
Author of “Energetic Life after Emotional Death” E-book
Lifetime Energy Evolution Student

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