What our clients say is extremely important to our business. Without client satisfaction, we would not have a business.
That’s why Bear Mountain Qigong Farmacy LLC is so invested in making sure that clients are happy with all of the services we offer.
Clients and mentors say that Paula has a Heart of Gold and is seriously dedicated to transforming lives by helping women access more Energy for their Personal Energy Evolution to Manage Stress, Emotions and Double their Energy to Live Well! Her Clients also say the experience of working with her was Life Changing! Her tribe gets Inspired by what is Possible and Courageously invests in themselves! Paula is humbled and honored to be a part of their journey! Take a look at what our past clients and mentors have said about their experiences working with us.

The Circle of Life program with Paula is life changing. She's a kind soul who taught me several life skills and helped me focus on methods of self improvement. I highly recommend her! Thanks Paula!

Natalie Liechty

I’ve known Paula for 28 years; she is very compassionate and has so many strengths to guide you through this process. This program provided a way for me to take a look at myself and how I handle stressful situations. The deep breathing and self-care techniques are very helpful in controlling my stress. I have one functioning lung, exercise is difficult for me, however I can do the slow Qigong movements easily and I feel better after doing them. I highly recommend working with Paula!

Dianne Tallant

I feel like I was offered a priceless gift in completing this program with Paula. For the first time in my life, I know that I am a strong, capable, worthy human being, and I am making an active effort to treat myself as such. I have gained such wonderful new knowledge and a healthy understanding of how to truly care for myself. I know I will use this knowledge again and again to better myself and improve my life. This program has changed my life. I cannot thank Paula enough for this wisdom she has shared with me. I am so grateful that this program exists and that I got to go through it with such a caring, encouraging, knowledgeable soul.

Angela Savage

Paula is seriously dedicated to transforming lives by helping people access more energy. She has a heart of gold and true passion for her work. I appreciate the way she shows up and continues to expand her skills to help others achieve their goals.

Lisa Michaels

Paula is amazing! I’ve been very blessed to know her over the last few months and she is so incredible! I appreciate your expertise and your encouragement, Paula. Thank you!!

Elizabeth (DrRoz) Rosner
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