We value relationships.
We pledge to Do No Harm.
We respect and honor all life.
We establish clear financial arrangements.
We promote trust and maintain confidentiality.
We honor and respect the belief systems of others.
We acknowledge and respect the decisions of others.
We promote transparency and clear communications.
We support eating grass-fed meats and local farmers.
We value freedom and support a more harmonious world.
We promote holistic, self-care practices for the good of all.
We support our Community by donating to local companies.
We support eating locally grown, organic, real, unprocessed food.
We do not discriminate against race, religion, or sexual orientation.
We represent honesty and integrity and suggest referrals as needed.
We share our personal wisdom stories and energy experiences stories.
We encourage others to make Qigong a part of their self-care practices.
We honor the rights of others to make personal choices for themselves.
We explain personal responsibility of engaging in holistic alternative practices.
We guide others to understand, restore and maintain their energy to manage stress.
We create safe relationship boundaries and provide notification of relationship termination as needed.

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